2019-12-06 14:37:13

the best of emma watson!!

this is a new spin off of my "___ minutes straight" videos, which will be more of just comedic clips and less of my edits on it, with some funny music in the background (THIS REMIX SAID COPYRIGHT FREE SO IF I GETS COPYRIGHTED....)

a lot of my videos have been getting copyrighted and demonetized lately and usually i don't care but next month i'm going to florida and i need to make sure i have enough money for disney world, hotel etc so this month i'm going to be doing mainly celeb videos so they don't get demonetized, i hope that's ok! the next one i'm starting on is "the best of finn wolfhard" so look out for that soon!!! if you have any celeb requests for this series let me know!

remix credit (if this gets copyrighted i have it s ...
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